Digital Image Correlation – DIC

The Digital 3D Image Correlation System DIC Q 400 is an optical measuring device for true full-field, non-contact and three-dimensional measurement of shape, displacements and strains on components and structures made from almost any material.

The DIC Q 400 system is used for determination of three-dimensional material properties in tensile, torsion, bending or combined tests. In addition, deformation and strain analysis can be applied to fatigue tests, fracture mechanics, FEA validation and much more.

A Wide Range of DIC Q 400 Applications

Its flexible design opens a wide range of applications from microscopic investigations on microelectronic or biomedical materials up to large scale measurements of aerospace, automotive, marine and railway components.

  • Advanced materials (CFRP, wood, fiber injected PE, metal foam, rubber, …).
  • Component testing (shape, displacements, strains,…).
  • Material testing (Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio, Elasto-Plastic Behaviour).
  • Fracture mechanics FEA validation.
  • High-Speed applications (dynamic measurements, transient events).
DIC Q400
DIC Q400 system result

DIC Q400 system and result


  • Real-time correlation.
  • Single software package for everything.
  • Dedicated, HILIS light source – cold, homogeneous, monochromatic more accurate.
  • Open data format for full access to data.
  • Synchronous recording of 8 channels analog data.
  • 1-click evaluation.
  • All data delivered with a confidence margin (error approximation).
  • Dedicated filters for localized effects and global behavior.
  • Individual definition of reference steps without reprocessing the data.
  • In-field handheld solution (Q-480 system).

Real-time Full-Field Correlation and Export of Data

The DIC Q 400 evaluates data in real-time and enables the user to export data simultaneous as an analog voltage signal.

DIC on pelvis bone compression

DIC application on pelvis bone compression and result in INSTRA 4D software

User friendly System

The robust software is designed in a very intuitive way. The unique HILIS Illumination module is part of the system and provides cold and extremely homogenous light and thus provides the most accurate results. The automatic calibration procedure reduces measurement time.

Calibration kit

Calibration kit and Calibration under process

Easy Calibration

All system parameters are determined by a fast and easy calibration procedure – a very practical and simple process by positioning a calibration plate in front of the cameras. The achieved calibration accuracy is displayed online after the calibration.

Multi Camera System

An easy extension of the DIC Q 400 is from a 2 Camera to a 3 Camera system, increasing the field of measurement, improving the measurement of curved objects and increasing the accuracy. The multi camera system supports any number of cameras from 1 to 8. The system uses a cluster approach combining images without stitching and using a single global axis system. A multi camera system with 8 cameras can cover 360° of a cylinder and 4 cameras can measure both sides of a specimen to accurately determine thinning.



8 camera system viewing on a cylindrical object