Insulation Diagnostic Test set

Delta 4000 series – Delta 4110_4310

  •   Power factor test set.
  •   Automatic and manual operation.
  •   Accurate and repeatable measurement results with high noise suppression.
  •   Lightweight, rugged two-piece design.
  •   New built-in intelligent temperature correction (patent pending).
  •   New automatic voltage dependence detection (patent pending).

Insulation Diagnostic Test set DELTA 4000 series is a fully automatic 12 kV insulation power factor / dissipation factor (tan delta) test set designed for condition assessment of electrical insulation in high voltage apparatus such as transformers, bushings, circuit breakers, cables, lightning arresters, and rotating machinery.

Two configurations make up the Series:

  •  DELTA 4110 with external computer (not included) consists of the DELTA4100 control unit and DELTA4010 high-voltage unit.
  •  DELTA 4310 comes with onboard computer and consists of DELTA4300 control unit and DELTA4010 high-voltage unit.

Frax series – Frax 99_101_150

  • Highest dynamic range and accuracy in the industry.
  •  Smallest and most rugged FRA instrument in the industry.
  •  Fulfills all international standards for SFRA measurements.
  •  Advanced analysis and decision support built into the software.
  •  Imports data from other FRA test sets.

The Insulation Diagnostic Test set FRAX series of sweep frequency response analyzers (SFRA) detects potential mechanical and electrical problems that other methods are unable to detect. Major utilities and service companies have used the FRA method for more than a decade. The measurement is easy to perform and will capture a unique fingerprint of the transformer. The measurement is compared to a reference fingerprint and gives a direct answer if the mechanical parts of the transformer are unchanged or not. Deviations indicate geometrical and/or electrical changes within the transformer.


Idax series – Idax 300_350

  • Automated measurement and analysis of moisture content, tan delta/power factor and oil conductivity.
  •  Individual temperature correction (ITC) of tan delta/power factor and oil conductivity.
  •  40% faster measurements with the new IDAX 5.0 SW.
  •  Reliable measurements in high-interference environments.
  •  Multi-function test set for transformer measurements.

Insulation Diagnostic Test set IDAX300 is a very compact instrument and is used together with an external computer. The IDAX350 has a built-in computer but can also be used with an external computer.

IDAX300 and IDAX350 provide an accurate and reliable condition assessment of insulation in transformers, bushings, generators and cables. The IDAX system maximizes the outcome of maintenance activities allowing for load and service life optimization.

IDAX300 and IDAX350 are smaller, lighter and faster than their predecessor IDA200 and IDAX206. It maintains better accuracy and ability to provide reliable data using true AC DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response), also known as FDS (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy), for reliable test results in high interference environments. The state-of-the-art software makes testing both easier and faster, allowing transformer moisture and oil assessment in about 22 minutes (20°C).

  • Separate high voltage amplifier enables capacitance and dissipation factor measurements at 2 kV test voltage
  • True and proven DFR/FDS technology for highest performance
  • Large frequency range, DC to 1 kHz
  • Compact design, weight < 5 kg

VAX020 expands the IDAX300 test voltage range from 200 V to 2 kV. This improves the capability to perform accurate measurements in extreme high interference environments e.g. HVDC substations.
Besides 50/60 Hz capacitance and dissipation factor (power factor) measurements, the application gives valuable information about the general condition of any high voltage insulation by measuring its dielectric response. The technique is also capable of assessing the moisture content in oil/paper insulation system.