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Cable Fault Pinpointer


Sheath Faults – MFM10 Cable Test Equipment

  •  Test Voltage up to ±10 kV DC.
  •  Up to 750 mA continuous current, also suitable for burning.
  •  Adjustable current limiter.
  •  Bipolar measurement for highest accuracy.
  •  Only one single removable HV connection cable.
  •  Easy-Go operation via jogdial and touch screen.
  •  Automatic measurement and protocolling.

Testing, prelocation and pinpointing of sheath faults. Easy, precise and fast.

The intuitive, menu supported operator guidance of the MFM 10 Cable Test Equipment work with the approve SebaKMT Easy-Go principle. The fully automatic measurement and evaluation of the measured data gives the operator a fast, easy and reliable tool to test the sheath of cables, and to perform a prelocation and pinpointing of detected faults.

The bipolar prelocation supports the detection of galvanic and thermoelectric influences and increases the prelocation accuracy and quality.


Cable Identifier – CI  

  • Identifies a de-energized primary cable safely.
  •   Identifies live secondary cables up to 240 VAC.
  •   Avoids false positives.

The CI Cable Identifier Cable Test Equipment will safely identify a dead (or de-energized) primary cable within a group of energized or de-energized cables as well as live secondary cables (including neutrals) up to 240 VAC (460 optional). The absolute safe identification is based on polarity and signal magnitude of the DC pulse (up to 100 A) coming from the transmitter, which is picked up by the receiver and a clip-on probe. The transmitter can operate on 120 VAC or internal battery (up to 50 hrs run time). The entire system functions without user adjustments and will, under no circumstances, provide a false positive identification. The standard combination kit (for HV & LV cables) includes a 6” flexible clip-on probe, and two touch sensors for all your applications where a clip on cannot be used.



Cable Burn Unit  BT 500-IS-1

  •  Burning of high resistive faults.
  •  Low- potential free voltage avoids damage to other conductors.
  •  Adjustable current limiter.
  •  Overload protection.
  •  Automatic discharge.

The cable burn unit BT 500-IS-1 Cable Test Equipment is a small portable unit for the burning of high resistive faults on low voltage cables as pilot, control and communication cables.

With the adjustable output voltages of 0.5, 1 and 2 kV and exceeding of the maximum permitted voltages for these types of cables is almost impossible.

TheBT 500-IS-1 Cable Test Equipment is also a powerful sheath tester and has a pulsed output voltage for the pinpointing of sheath faults.

The voltage supply with an adjustable output voltage of 0 to 2 kV and an maximum test current of up to 1 A has a symmetrical output voltage, which means that a potential free connection to a cable pair is possible.


Sheath Testing -MMG 10

  • Adjustable current limiter.
  •  Easy and powerful testing of cable jackets.
  •  Pulsed output voltage for sheath fault pinpointing.
  •  Burning of cable faults.

The sheath test system MMG 10 Cable Test Equipment is used for the voltage testing of plastic insulated cable jackets. The test evaluated the leakage current in respect to the cable lengths. An adjustable current limiter avoids an eventual drying or unintended change of a fault spot.

The high output current can also be used for the low resistive burning of a fault. For pinpointing of sheath faults in plastic insulated shielded cables and earth faults in unshielded cables, the MMG 10 Cable Test Equipment provides a pulsed output voltage. The pinpointing is done by the step voltage method with the Earth fault locator ESG 80-2 / ESG NT.


Partial Discharge monitor – LPD 

  • Portable online PD measuring system for monitoring MV and HV systems.
  •  16 channels.
  •  Allows efficient forward planning of necessary maintenance work.
  •  Integrated automatic knowledge-based evaluation of measured PD levels.
  •  Current status can be viewed at any time via remote access.

The LPD (live partial discharge) Monitor Cable Test Equipment can be used for temporary or constant monitoring of partial discharge on medium- and high-voltage systems and cables up to a rated voltage of 66 kV.

With its 16 input channels, the lightweight LPD Monitor is an ideal, portable system for a fast check of critical PD within cables or their accessories.

Even a quick test can provide useful information on the condition of the cable as a basis for identifying the required maintenance work, such as a comprehensive offline PD diagnosis.


Teleflex LV Monitor For Low Voltage Cable

  • Monitoring and fault location on life LV cables.
  •  Three phased cable monitor for permanent voltage and current monitoring.
  •  Remote operation via GSM or Bluetooth.

The Teleflex LV Monitor is for the location of faults on low voltage cables, especially for the detection if intermittent fault, which result in specific difficulties. Additionally the voltage and current waveforms are recorded.

The stored data is retrieved from a PC or Notebook via Bluetooth or via a telephone connection (Line or GSM).

In opposition to other portable reflectometers, the Teleflex LV monitor is permanent and simultaneous connected to all three phases of the LV cables and permits the user to do a reflection measurement on all the phases and their combinations, either locally or in remote operation. The supply of the Teleflex LV Monitor happens by one of the connected phases.