The Dantec Dynamics Traverse System combines automated, high resolution positioning. With a mechanical solution adapted to the LDA, PDA, CTA and PIV measuring system. With the point measurement techniques like LDA, PDA and CTA, automated positioning makes it possible to map the flow in a plane or in a volume by moving the measurement device or the flow rig along a line.

PIV systems already measure in a plane and a Traverse System makes it possible to make volume mapping by traversing perpendicularly to the measurement plane. By traversing in a plane parallel to the measurement plane, a larger area of the flow can be accessed.


  • Traverse System has rigid construction, with step-motor driven high precision lead screws integrated in all traverse units.
  • Traverse System carries improved bearings with high load capacity.
  • Traverse System have electrical limit switches in all units.
  • Automatic control integrated in Dantec Dynamics application software.
  • High resolution.
Traverse System
Traversing unit

Traversing unit with controller