Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence in gas phase flows (PLIF) is an optical diagnostic technique widely used in fluid applications.

Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence in gas phase flows is a well-established tool for flow visualization as well as for quantitative whole-field measurements of concentration in gaseous flows. Applications can be found in fluid dynamics research, combustion diagnostics and more.

Mixing studies in gas phase flows by tracer-Laser-Induced Fluorescence in gas phase flows

By adding a fluorescent tracer species (e.g. acetone) to a non-fluorescent fuel or gas, visualization of the gas phase mixing as well as quantitative concentration measurements can be made by means of Laser-Induced Fluorescence. One wide spread application is fuel visualization in development of combustion engines, where Laser-Induced Fluorescence allows for diagnostics of the pre-combustion as well as the combustion process to be made.

Dantec Dynamics’ powerful yet easy-to-use system dedicated for gas phase tracer-Laser-Induced Fluorescence enables investigations of properties such as:

  • Fuel distribution.
  • Ignition phenomena.
  • Fuel injection behavior.
  • Gas phase mixing studies.

OH* LIF in Combustion



  • Non-intrusive technology.
  • Quantitative, precise and accurate measurements of concentration in gas flows.
  • Multi-parameter measurements by combination with e.g. PIV.
  • Modular system allowing easy future upgrades.

Mixing study in Gases by LIF