ITT’s class leading UL and CE certified coupler connector/plugs, inlets, outlets and accessories offer recognized, trusted and proven charging solutions for today’s e-mobility markets. Built in accordance with all key regional standards – IEC 62196 for Europe, SAE J1772 for the Americas and Japan and GB/T 20234 for China they provide a truly global portfolio. Applications include the following:

  • Home EV Charging Units
  • Public Charging Stations
  • Roadside Assistance Trucks
  • Fleet Trucks
  • EV Mass Transit Vehicles
  • Electric Watercraft
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Electric Motorcycles
  • Electric Agriculture Vehicles


ITT also offers ULTRA FAST DC Charging Solutions CCS1, and for High Current Charging CCS2 with Liquid Cooling System.

ITT Cannon has developed an innovative liquid cooled High Power Charging (HPC) solution comprised of connector, cable and cooling unit. Available in CCS1 and CCS2 variants, and with 10,000 mating cycles, the solution enables charging up to 500A at 1,000V which can potentially deliver 60miles / 100km of charge to an electric vehicle within three to five minutes.

The dielectric cooling liquid in the HPC solution cools both the cable and the connector’s contact system resulting in extremely effective heat dissipation. This results in a weight optimized cable design and minimized cable diameter – delivering a highly flexible, ergonomic and easy-to-use solution for the global e-mobility market.

Developed from specific industry requirements for next generation charging, ITT Cannon’s HPC solution is a modular design that both meets today’s preliminary standards and can be quickly adapted as standards develop. This flexibility also enables customization of solutions for specific applications. The innovative connector design utilizes two canted coil springs for contact redundancy which creates multiple contact zones and requires minimal mating forces. Combined with the IP protected liquid cooled design, that utilizes an environmentally friendly, clear, colorless and low-odor hydrofluoroether, the solution delivers outstanding heat dissipation performance.