our Vibration Isolation Workstations and Optical Tables are designed for general use as well as specific applications. A cost effective vibration isolation table for various weight loads and 1/2 Hz performance vertical and horizontal.
Workstations and Optical Tables System is extremely convenient to use. Load compensation is performed automatically on switching on the power. If the load is changed whilst the system is isolating, it automatically readjusts and then returns to the isolation mode. The workstation is design is optimized for delicate instruments.


  • Ultra-Low Natural Frequencies
  • Vibration damped Frame
  • Customizable Accessories
  • No Air Supply Needed – Easy to Use
  • Choice of Tabletops
  • Ergonomic Styling

WS-4 Compact Vibration Isolation Table


MK26 Vibration Isolation Table Workstation


MK52 Optical Table Vibration Isolation