Furnaces and industrial heat treatment systems made by THERMCONCEPT are synonymous for

• top quality

• proven technology

• practical and service-friendly design

• customer-specific and application-based solutions

• maximum thermal efficiency and value for money

• eco-friendly materials

• professional service.

THERMCONCEPT is your partner for high-performance furnaces and systems for wide-ranging and challenging applications in production and research.

THERMCONCEPT develops, designs and manufactures furnaces and systems for a broad range of production

and research applications and fields.

Many in our workforce also have decades of experience in furnace engineering. The expertise we have amassed is deployed on a day-to-basis in order to plan and realize your ideal furnace solution.


The direct contact with users enables our highly-skilled development engineers and designers to design furnaces that are practical to use. Our aim is to deliver crucial technical and financial benefits.

Fast and flexible

Many applications can be achieved with our extensive range of standard furnaces. The advantages for you are proven, fully-developed models, excellent value for money and quick delivery times. Of course, we also supply customised furnaces specially designed to meet your specific application.

In close consultation with you, we develop a furnace system which meets your challenging tasks both reliably and economically.