The newly developed Jost’s Electric Stand-On Tow Truck, type Taurus is a battery operated material handling equipments used for towing loads up to 2000 kg. The Taurus Electric Stand-On Tow Truck is ideal for use in factory premises, warehouses and in large plants.

The Jost’s Taurus Electric stand-on Tow Trucks enable easy long distance transportation of large quantities of materials and provide operator friendly superior maneuverability and operatability. The Jost’s Tow Trucks with AC technology provides additional advantage of reduced maintenance, improved power utilisation, improved battery life. Josts leads the way with its tough, dependable industrial Tow Trucks.

capacity:- 2000 kg

Features and Specs :
  • The Stand-on tow truck incorporates MOSFET stepless speed controller and Heavy duty contactors.
  • The Stand-on tow truck is available in capacities of 2000 kg.
  • All control function in stand-on tow truck is positioned at finger tips.
  • The Stand-on tow truck is pollution free and user Friendly.
  • The Stand-on tow truck is easy and comfortable to ride.
  • The Stand-on tow truck is available with customised versions on request.
  • The Tow Truck with heavy duty trailing trolleys option is available on request.
  • Optional accessories for tow truck like Revolving / Flashing Lights, Reverse Buzzer and others are available on request.