When do one go for stackers?

Stackers are to be used for stacking and retrieval of palletised goods at various heights. When the stores and warehouses are to be used for storing the goods at various levels up to 6300 mm height, then the use of stackers becomes imperative.

When does one switch over from manual system of storing and retrial to mechanised system using stackers?

It all depends on the size of the storage place, volume of operations and unit weights of the packages to be handled. A normal healthy manual labour can handle only about 30 Kg unit weight at any time. Fatigue and rest times also affects the efficiency. Palletisation and use of Stackers will enhance the throughput and also increase the efficiency of the operations with reduced manpower.

What solutions can Josts provide for stacking and retrieving ?

For small stores and warehouses Josts can provide economic manual and semi-automatic Stackers range. For medium and large scale operations, Josts EJC, ERC, EJB and ERB series have proved to be extremely popular. For more details contact infomhe@josts.in

What factors one should consider while looking for a suitable stacker?

The unit load, the maximum storage height required to be accessed and the aisle width available are the three most important factors that determine the choice of Stackers. Apart from these, doorway height and ramp restrictions, floor surface conditions, requirement of container stuffing & de-stuffing, duty cycles (continuous operation requirement) environmental conditions are some of the other factors that one need to keep in mind too. Josts can offer its expertise in studying the actual site conditions and constraints and provide suitable solution to suit users needs. For more details please contactinfomhe@josts.in

When only double stacking is required with one over the other, can the use of conventional stackers be avoided?

Jost’s ERD / EJD electric Double Pallet truck Stacker is extremely versatile when it comes to handling two loads simultaneously. A specialist in double deck loading / unloading, it is equally efficient in transporting over long distances, stacking / retrieving loads and block stacking. For more details contactinfomhe@josts.in

What is the maximum capacity and reach for JOSTS Stackers?

Josts has developed Stackers for handling pallet loads of 2000 Kg at 2800 mm and to reach height of 6300 mm with 700 Kg.

How is Josts Stackers are more reliable than others’?

Josts Stackers are carefully manufactured with components procured from quality sources and can normally with stand the harsh working condition of plant environment. Jost’s own bull gear transmission used as against the chain and sprocket arrangement has been found to be very reliable and trouble free. This also keeps the power loss at minimum resulting in higher energy efficiency