Process Control Instrumentation

We provide signal interfaces for hazardous areas.Our products are designed to be integrated in process of a wide variety of industrial applications.

Rail Mounting Relay

This device is designed to relay digital signals coming from a switch or a proximity sensor installed in hazardous area to the safe area.

Input: Switch or proximity sensor
Output: Switch (5A – 250V) or transistor (5kHz)
Supply: 24-48 VDC, 110 VAC or 230 VAC
Model: 1 or 2 channels and signal duplicator (1 input – 2 outputs)
Red LED for relay state, and green LED for presence of voltage
Installation : Safe area

» Alarm (loop integrity with proximity sensor)
» Screw terminals
» Icc current limited to 20mA or 5mA according to codification
» ACCDIVBX power supply cables
» Ex d enclosure – RTPE9-DIN or other Ex d enclosure



Programmable Universal

Input: Resistive sensors, TC, resistance, voltage
Output: 4-20mA
Galvanic isolation: 1500V AC
Accuracy: <0.1% F.S. or <0.5°C
Models: Standard and ATEX
Configuration With PC (Microsoft Windows only)

EC Type examination certificate number:
INERIS 08ATEX0004X & 08ATEX3002U

ATEX classification
Ex ia IIC T6/T5/T4
Ex iaD 20 T85/T100/T135 °C
II 3 G Ex nA II T6/T5/T4


Trip Amplifier

BPX are designed to convert RTD100, thermocouples, potentiometer, mA, mV and other standardized current signals coming from the hazardous area to the safe area.

Input: Universal
Output: up to 2 4/20mA outputs and 4programmable thresholds depending on model
Supply: VAC ou VDC
Red LED for alarm state, and green LED for presence of voltage
Installation: Safe area
progressX Manager for programming the type of input, relays state in case of fault, hysteresis and alarm temporisation, 4/20mA output

Possibility for line measurement and outputs simulation

Plug-in modules for backplanes

Backplane allowing a very compact and flexible mounting of our «plug-in» modules BED, BEA, BET, BER/C/P, BEI series into any system cabinet .
The easy engineering and small density reduce costs and installation volumes.

Capacity: 8 or 16 modules

» Earth rail
» connection by one multiways connector
» Alarm
» Tag plate


Zener Barrier

Zener barriers are designed to limit energy which may appear in hazardous area.

Mounting: simple on DIN rail
Models: simple or double
Version: 1 or 2 channels on 13mm tightness
Installation in safe area or in Zone 2 in a IP54 housing (nA type of protection)
Front panel with removable label holder

» Current flow signaling LED on the front
» Barrier / DIN-rail isolator
» Ex d housing – RTPE9-DIN or other Ex d / Ex e enclosure


Remote I/O System

With a proven know-how, Geogin proposes remote I/O solutions for all type of applications in hazardous area.

»  Interfacing of all type of signals (DI, DO, AI, AO)
»  Installation in stainless steel or GRP (glass reinforced plastic)
»  Main communication protocols: Profibus, Modbus RTU or TCP IP, Ethernet and Protocole de communication Profibus, Modbus RTU ou TCP IP, Ethernet et transmission by optical fibre as an option
»  Supply and communication redundancy as an option


Signal Conditioner


  • Analogue, low level signals converters and trip amplifiers type BPX.
  • ABS housing 90x135x21.5 mm.
  • 4-20mA, mV, V, TC, Pt100, potentiometer.
  • 1 or 2 outputs 4-20mA.
  • 2 or 4 programmable thresholds.
  • HART protocol compatible.
  • Processor, thresholds and power LED’s.
  • Power supply : 24-28 Vdc/110-230 Vac.
  • Configuration under Windows® environment.

Galvanic Isolator

Mounting: rail DIN ou rail alimenté
Inputs: current, voltage, Pt100, TC sensors…
Outputs: 4/20mA, current, voltage
Power supply: 16.8 to 31.2 Vdc
Consumption: 0.8 to1.2W
Accuracy: <0.1% of full scale
Configuration: by DIP switches or USB using GEORGINSet* software
Isulation: >3KV between input, output and power supply

GT 45000 – Temperature transmitter
GS 75000 – Shunt resistance isolation amplifier / voltages in mV
GN 25000 – Isolation amplifier
GN 21000 – Signal separator / repeater
GH 11000 (1 channel) and GH 11020 (2 channels) – Isolator powered by the loop
GC 52500 – HART transmitter power supply
GB 64000 – Bipolar isolation amplifier

Galvanic Isolator

Bus System

Local Bus System

  • Installation in polyester or stainless steel housing
  • Communication on copper or optic fiber
  • Customized decentralized stations on request

Field Bus System

Plug-in modules on backplanes in field housing IP66 certified.
Intelligent combination of hazardous area protection methods.
Encapsuled modules for rough environments
Installation in zone 1 in polyester or stainless steel housing
Interfaces for EEx d devices
EEx i and EEx e interfaces can be mixed on the same unit
Not hot work permit required for maintenance
Up to 96 analogue signals and 192 digital signals on the same
remote I/O station

Euro cards for 19″ Rack

On/Off signal relays
Analogue signal converters
4-20 mA transmitter power supplies
14 or 21 cards by rack
Individual supply by card
Any type of signal : switches relays, proximity
sensors (Namur), 4-20mA, Volts,
Pt100, TC, potentiometer, …
Upto 6 channels by card (relay)
Connections : soldering or screw ter minals,
flat cable and screw terminals
Partition between I.S. and non I.S inputs/outputs
Integration and wiring of control cabinets on request



Digital Process

The digital indicator is based on LCD technology and shows the information on 2 lines each of 6 digits. The indicator can be used to configure ProcessX transmitters.


Intrinsically Safe Analogue

Process indicator for analogue signals. Displaying a process, temperature, resistance, potentiometer signal in engineering units.

Mounting: 48x96mn panel
Input: Process, RTD100, Thermocouple
Display: 4 digits
Supply: Universal 12 to 265 VDC and 20 to 265 VAC