SGA connectors utilize all the signal cavity inserts and contacts featured in the ARINC Series 600 Standard connector. It was designed to be used where there are space constraints in which an ARINC Series 600 Standard connector cannot be used. The Cannon SGA connector fills the need for a 150 maximum contact connector with a smaller shell design than shell size 2 of ARINC Series 600 Standard, and has more contacts available than single gang DPX with 106, size 22, contacts.

Features and Specs

  • Available with low insertion force contacts:
    – Rear release/rear removable.
    – Front release/front removable.
  • Both environmental and non-environmental versions.
  • Polarizing posts that are removable from the mating face.
  • Field replaceable inserts for size 22 and power contacts. Shares inserts and contacts with BKA and BGG product lines.
  • Uses standard DPX, crimp, insertion/extraction tooling.
  • Waveguide connections available.