Process Control Instrument

Sensors are fundamental elements in the control of industrial processes. We design and produce sensors for measuring such variables as temperature, pressure, position, force and humidity.

All primary sensing elements are manufactured by Gefran in its own clean room, environments that are protected from all types of interference and equipped with high-tech operating and control instruments.

Vibration Sensor

General purpose accelerometer that meets API 670 requirements.  Designed for use on a wide variety of machine types with its broad frequency response of 0.5 to 10 kHz (+/- 3dB), 50g range, and mounted resonance of 13 kHz

· Motors
· Gear Boxes
· Paper Machines
· Process Pumps
· Cooling Tower Fans
· Rotor Blade Pass Sensing
· Turbocharger Engine Vibration
· Gas Turbines
– Aero & Marine Derivative
– Industrial Frames
· High-Temp Furnace Fans
· Hot oil pumps


  • High-accuracy and repeatability yet priced within budget
  • Eliminate false indications caused by high frequency
  • noise rectified as low frequency using patented anti-ski slope technology
  • Highest accuracy and widest frequency response

Velocity Sensor

· Cooling Towers
· Motors
· Pumps
· Fans
· Engines
· Blowers
· Gear Boxes
· Large Industrial
Gas Turbines
· Furnace Fan
· Hazardous Areas


· Replace a moving coil velocity transducer with this solid-state sensor
· Consists of a temperature stabilized piezoelectric sensor and amplifier packaged in stainless steel case
· Immune to cross axis vibration, mount in any axis
· Provides high-level, low impedance output for connection to a 4-20 mA transmitter

High Temperature / Frequency Sensor


  • Provide accurate, repeatable vibration measurements
  • over wide ranges of amplitude and frequency by employing
  • zero friction coil suspension
  • Self-generating, no power required
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Constructed for continuous operation at elevated temperatures