Material Handling Division

Overview Scissor Lift

Scissor Lifts are one of the popular equipment for material handling in the Indian industry and are being used for variety of applications. A specially designed and equipped scissor lift enhances the quality of logistic infrastructure and improves the facility's competitiveness. These Scissor Lifts, available in wide ranges with various options, provide optimum solution to lift materials up to comfortable working heights with least worker fatigue and physical strain.

Josts offers Scissor Lifts for various applications as per customer needs and serves a wide range of applications across various industries such as – General Engineering, Heavy Engineering, Defense, Railways, Manufacturing Plants, Chemical Industries, Consumer Items, Electricals & Electronics, Logistics, Oil- Gas & Fertilizers, Retail, Steel Industries, Automobile and Auto Ancillary, Pharma, Construction etc.

Different types Scissor Lift

Pit Mounted Scissor Lifts :

  • Ideal for loading / unloading , production and material shiftng applications.
  • Used where height difference is beyond the range of Dock Levelers.
  • Capacity from 0.5T up to 50T.
  • Lift heights up to 12mtr.
  • Available in variations of heavy duty and medium duty lifts.

Tandem Scissors Lifts :

  • Ideal for heavy duty Production shop and logistics applications.
  • Used for jobs that require long platform.
  • Capacites up to 20T.
  • Lift heights up to 3.5mtr.
  • Two or more scissor pairs in combination and operated by single hydraulic system.
Tandem Scissors Lifts

Floor Mounted Scissor Lifts :

  • Extensively used in light duty applications for lifting goods to various lift height.
  • Ideal for shop floor, assembly line and production line applications as worktables.
  • Capacity up to 10T.
  • Lift heights up to 10mtr.
Floor Mounted Scissor Lifts

Twin Scissors Lifts :

  • Ideally suited in assembly shop application for medium duty jobs.
  • Capacities up to 6T.
  • Lift heights up to 3mtr.
  • Two scissor lifts in tandem operation co-ordinated by single hydraulic circuit.
Twin Scissors Lifts

Semi-Electric Mobile Scissor Lifts :

  • Extensively used for light duty applications for lifting goods to various lift heights.
  • Capacity up to 2T.
  • Lift heights up to 14mtr.
  • Easily towable either manually or by powered vehicles (depends upon capacity).
  • Earth lock/out riggers arrangements for greater Stability.
  • Available in AC and DC versions.
Semi-Electric Mobile Scissor Lifts

Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts :

  • Ideal for maintenance jobs as well as order picking applications.
  • Capacity up to 1T.
  • Lift heights up to 12mtr.
  • Driven by AC / DC motor and MOSFET controller.
  • These machines can be operated from lift platform top.
  • Quiter, cleaner operation for a variety of environments.
  • Narrow width fits most standard doorways and tight aisles
Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts

Vehicle Mounted Scissor Lifts :

  • Ideal for Maintenance purpose and Order Picking jobs.
  • Capacity up to 1T.
  • Lift heights up to 8mtr.
  • Available in variations of pedestrian operated or ride-on models with Jost's trucks.

Electro Hydraulic Goods Lifts (Mast Lifts) :

  • Ideal for material shifting at various floor heights site.
  • Capacity up to 3T.
  • Lift heights up to 12mtr.
  • Available based on application, in single or double mast construction.
  • Complete Customise solutions available as per site application
Electro Hydraulic Goods Lifts (Mast Lifts)
Advantages & Safety Features :
  • Chequered platform with anti-skid feature for safety of the operator/ MHE.
  • Hose burst valve ensures safety in case of hydraulic hose rupture.
  • Low voltage control box with Lift-Lower buttons and Emergency Power
  • Protection against overloading.
  • Manual relief valve for smooth landing of lift in case of power failure.
  • Optional type ground rails all around with door to protect the operator.
  • Robust scissor arms made from tubular/I beam sections for higher strength
  • Heavy duty / rugged design gives durability and job safety.
  • Carbon steel pivot pins ground and plated to high precession.
  • In-built hydraulic power-packs with the electric motor, gear pump, valve-block,
    suction-return line filters and different valves makes it compact.
  • Hydraulic cylinders with hard chrome plated piston rod, honed cylinder tube and it is
    assembled with high quality seals and guide rings gives longer life.
  • Dual station operation.
  • Self lubricated graphite base bushes ensures trouble free operations.
Capacity :
Type Min. Capacity (kg) Max. Capacity (kg) Platform Size (mm) Max. Lift (mm)
Pit Mounted 500 50000 500-10000 12000
Floor Mounted 500 10000 500-10000 10000
Mobile (Manual) 250 1000 500-2000 2000
Mobile (Semi-Electric) (AC/DC) 250 2000 500-3000 14000
Mobile (Self Propelled) 250 1000 800-2500 12000
Mast type Goods Lift 500 3000 900-2500 12000