What solution can Josts offer for handling loads of more than 800 Kg and at heights more than 6300mm?

Josts is distributing Hyundai range Reach trucks that can easily handle a load of 1000 Kg to 2500 Kg and for stacking heights up to 12000 mm. The choice of the equipment would depend on the users actual needs and Jost’s expertise in field can be banked on by the user. For more details contact infomhe@josts.in

What is the difference between a Stacker and a Reach Truck?

While both Stackers and Reach Trucks are used for stacking and retrieval of palletised goods at various levels in a warehouse, in Reach Trucks the whole mast can be moved forward and backward with the load. Thus the vehicle need not be moved forward and backward at the time of placing and retrieving the goods. As compared to Stackers, Reach trucks enable the user to handle heavy loads at great heights.

Can Reach Trucks be used in narrow aisles?

Hyundai Reach Trucks are specially designed to handle heavy loads that are to be raised to high lift heights with low narrow aisles as low as 2200 – 3000 mm. Hyundai BR, BRJ, and BRP series Reach trucks of various capacities are available for a number of applications. For specific applications contactinfomhe@josts.in

What are types of Reach Trucks?

The Hyundai Reach Trucks are available in choices of Stand-on, Seat-on and Double Deep versions. For more details contact salesthane@josts.in

Can Reach trucks be used for outdoor applications?

The BR series Reach trucks of Hyundai are specially designed for both indoor and outdoor use on different types of surface. They are suitable for working on a smooth concrete floor in the warehouse or asphalt surface for lorry loading / unloading.

Can Reach Truck provide solution in double deep racking system?

The BRP series Reach Trucks of Hyundai has telescopic forks that are long enough to slide a pallet into the racking system when the shelves are deep enough to accommodate two pallets of goods. Because the double-deep model can easily place the pallet at the back of the shelving unit, there is no need to push the pallet back when there is another pallet to go into the same shelving section. For more information contact salesthane@josts.in

What are Order Picker trucks?

Order Picker trucks are used for picking up individual cases or items from the palletised loads stacked at various heights in a warehouse.

What are horizontal and vertical order pickers?

Horizontal order pickers generally enable the operators to do the pick up operations from ground level. For pick up operations at higher levels vertical order pickers have to used which have the provision for the operators to go up and reach the desired level. For more information contact infomhe@josts.in