Overview Reach Truck, Electric Reach Truck

Jost’s Electric Reach Trucks JRT A16 / A20 are powerful and energy efficient reach trucks with advanced AC technology suitable for indoor and warehousing applications. JRT A16 / A20 reach trucks comes with excellent Power and Performance with Safety and Durability with maximum operator’s comfort as prime priority.


Jost’s reach trucks are suitable for horizontal transportation and stacking, such as in warehouses, distribution centres and logistics companies, the Jost’s range of powerful reach trucks offers high acceleration and exceptional driveability for optimum pallet movement. With lift heights of up to 11.9 meters and load capacities from 1.6 to 2.0 tonnes, the Jost’s reach trucks offers truck models suitable for pallet stacking, drive-in racking and long load handling.


The high performance Jost’s reach trucks are equipped with unique safety features for improved load handling and enhanced driver ergonomics. Jost’s reach truck range is designed to meet the toughest material handling expectations, ensuring performance, reliability and low running cost.


Reach Truck Features and Spec :

  • The Jost’s reach truck is available in capacities of 1600 / 2000 kg @ 600 mm load center and lift height up to 11960 mm.
  • The reach truck incorporates triple AC motors synchronised by advanced microprocessor based mosfet controllers.
  • The simple & smooth controls, electric power steering, large graphic display in reach truck enable stress-free operation.
  • The adjustable steering wheel in reach truck enable fatigue free operation while maneuvering in confined area.
  • The ergonomically convenient operators area in reach truck provides maximum operator’s comfort.
  • The safety interlock switch in reach truck ensures ‘NO OPERATOR – NO OPERATION’.
  • The low center of gravity design in reach truck provides robustness, stability and safety.
  • The reach truck incorporates a unique platform of ‘CANBUS’ communicating controllers.
  • The special com-bi-switches provided in reach truck for controlling motion and other accessories.
  • The twin-pilot control joysticks provided in reach truck for smooth control of all four hydraulic operations.
  • The reach truck incorporates automatic center positioning at start feature.
  • Better sensing devices, integrated controllers and informative LCD display enhances reach truck’s operational performance.
  • Automatic reduction of speed during turning of the reach truck.
  • Regenerative braking during deceleration of the reach truck.
  • Lower operating cost due to reach truck’s lower energy consumption.
  • Longer battery life due to reach truck’s efficient work cycles.
  • The reach truck incorporates improved and advanced automation.
  • Enhanced operational safety due to reach truck’s safe inter-connectivity.
  • The Jost’s reach trucks are Perfect Fit for Busy Operations.
  • Ideal arrangement of components in Jost’s reach trucks for easy maintenance.