Pneumatic Sample Transfer

Jost’s pneumatic sample transfer system (PSTS) is an ideal solution to minimise transmission time by fast dispatch and is perfectly suited for handling solid, powder, granules or flake samples. Jost’s is a pioneer in India for design, manufacturing, supply, of such systems. Jost’s systems are already in operation at most of the steel plants and other large industries. Jost’s systems, which were popularly known as “Kerry Jost’s System” are being manufactured and supplied from our Thane facility.



In large steel plants and foundries where the instantaneous physical movement of test samples, documents, etc. over long distances are necessary

    • Metallurgical industry (Aluminium)- Transport of hot samples, powders to the laboratory in large plants.
    • Cement plants- Transfer of cement samples to laboratories.
    • Pharmaceuticals- transfer of sterile samples to laboratories.
    • Hospital- Transfer of medial/pathology samples, emergency samples, reports in large hospitals.
    • Retail- Transfer of case from remote collection points to secured centralized locations for processing.
    • Warehouses- Sending paperwork (delivery dockets, receipts) to the office from stores for billing.
    • Airport maintenance/ workshop- Spare parts transfer from stores to shop.


        • Designed to minimise transportation time as it takes only about a minute to transport the sample to 600 mtr.
        • Ideally suited for handling solid, liquid, powder granules or flake samples.
        • Economical, efficient, reliable, safe and saves labor.
        • Can be use for direct and rapid movement from one location to another.
        • Can be used in metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical units, hospital, hotel, banks, airports, warehouses etc.
Features and Specs :
      • Single two way pneumatic tube transport carriers in both directions.
      • No limitations on the length of the systems.
      • Special chemically treated and weather protected pneumatic tubes for long life.
      • Compensator assemblies to take care of thermal expansions for straight lengths over 200mm.
      • Safety interlocks against double charging, cross charging and intentional or accidental door opening.
      • Safety interlocks to ensure that the system is re-set only when carrier is removed at destination end.
      • Light weight carriers with special long life easily replaceable buffers.
      • Visual and audio indication while carrier in transit and also when carrier reaches destination.
      • Air preparation assemblies at each end with pressure regulators and safety valve for clean dry air supply.
      • Inspection joints at regular intervals to retrieve carriers in case of emergencies.
      • Optional despatch cabin with ventilation and illumination for housing the receiving and despatch