India’s leading and elite textile manufacturer had adopted forklift operations for raw material (pulp sheets) storage in their warehousing facility. The pulp used to come in cut sheets, which was strapped and palletised. This raw material used to be stacked on the floor, one above the other up to 3 high (block stacking). This arrangement was occupying a large area of their existing warehouse.

As the textile manufacturer’s production was going up, they had to stack more number of pallets and hence they started looking for higher stacking options.
Josts provided them suitable racking system up to ground plus six levels with high reach truck of Josts for optimum utilization of space. This made their operations much easier and smoother.
Josts also supported them with annual maintenance contracts after the warranty period for better up keep of the equipment. This enabled the textile manufacturer to utilize the equipment without any breakdowns.
Now, the textile manufacturer is going for expansion and has planned again to install Josts racking systems and Josts make reach trucks