Overview Microphones, Noise measurement

Microphones are used for accurate measurement of noise levels of a mobile charger to Satellite take off. All long lasting microphones are manufactured with precision handcrafting in Clean Room production facilities, followed by quality inspection of microphones. This delivers trustworthy results every time.

Various Types of Microphones

– Do you know that each application requires a unique microphone. A wrong selection would give you errors as high as 20dB.

  • Pressure field mic
  • Free field mic
  • Diffuse field mic
  • Special Mic for-
    • low noise or high intensity (from -10dB to180dB)
    • surface & multi field and
    • Lab std. for calib purposes
  • Conditioners from simple single channel to multi channel
  • Calibrators from hand held to complete lab systems (Primary, secondary, Low frequency and phase match)
Microphones- Sound measurement by Josts