MICRO-D microminiature rack/panel connectors are used in applications requiring highly reliable, extremely small, lightweight connectors. These connectors are available in 2 insulator materials, 2 mounting variations, 7 shell sizes accommodating from 9 to 51 contacts and a special arrangement of 5 micro contacts and 2 coaxials. The insulator materials listed give the MICRO-D connector wide versatility in most applications required by industry. ITT can also terminate a wide variety of stranded or solid wire directly to MICRO-D contacts, which is often desirable in high density arrangements.

Features and Specs

  • Glass-filled diallyl phthalate thermoset material used in high temperature applications that is immune to cleaning solvents. It also has excellent dielectric properties. Temperature range: -65F to +300F (-55C to +149C).
  • Glass-filled polyester thermoplastic that is not affected by cleaning solvents and exhibits excellent dielectric properties. Temperature range: -55F to +257F (-65C to +125C).
  • Microminiature Rectangular Connectors with MICRO-Pin Contacts on .050 (1.27) centers.

MICRO-D connectors can also be custom harnessed to meet any customer requirement of single or multiple connectors. Pigtail lead and harness description must be given by the customer. A typical description would be: .5″ #25 AWG, gold plated copper leads or 18″ of #26 yellow, Teflon-insulated, Type E wire. Shown below are various methods of termination. Consult customer service for any routine or complex harnessing of MICRO-D connectors.