Jost’s Medium Duty Jorack Racking System are modular frame and beam shelving storage system. Medium Duty Jorack Racking System are constructively similar to Light Duty Jorack Racking System , but these are designed to store the non-palletized goods. Medium-duty Jorack is an intermediate application between Light-duty and Heavy-duty applications.
Medium Duty Jorack Racking System caters to large and bulky items

Features and Specs :

  • Available in a wide range of sizes and duties for load capacities from 500 – 1000 kg per level.
  • Load/unload the goods manually without any mechanical equipment due to presence of Long span shelving.
  • Can Store goods right from the smallest components to large and awkwardly shaped item and can be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients shaped.
  • Rolled formed profile for a solid build.
  • Ensures flat surface and good load carrying capacity due to Press formed deck panels.
  • Provide better endurance and durability as it is treated Chemically, for de-greasing and derusting, using hot phosphating method.
  • Ensure the fine finish and prolonged rust-free life, even in the humid zones due to Optional powder coated body.
  • Easily configurable to meet the required load volume and handling requirements.
  • Adjustable beam levels for varying item sizes.