MDMH connectors are ideal for applications requiring a better seal than can be achieved with epoxy resins.

The connector utilizes size 24 AWG contacts that are compression glass sealed through a steel shell and into a diallyl pthalate front end insulator. An interfacial seal provides environmental protection when mated. We recommend MDMH receptacles be soldered to the chassis or container for a completely leak-proof joint.

Features and Specs

MDMH receptacles mate with standard MDM plugs.

Features & Benefits

  • Hermetically sealed connector designed for those applications where a vacuum, inert gas or a constant controlled pressure are required to eliminate adverse effects created by atmospheric changes.
  • Steel shells to provide greater strength, prevent chipping, cracking or breaking, offer electro-magnetic (EMI) and RFI shielding.
  • Silicone elastomer compression interfacial seal to provide a moisture and humidity seal between each contact and between contacts and shell.