MDM connectors that is the micro D miniature are used in applications requiring highly reliable, extremely small, lightweight connectors with higher density contact configurations than available in traditional rectangular connectors. MDM connectors are available in 8 shell sizes accommodating from 9 to 100 contacts, and special arrangements of power and coaxial contacts.

Features and Specs

These MDM connectors are designed to meet the rapidly increasing demands for an environmental, high performance, rugged, moisture-sealed microminiature connector. MDM connector employs size 24 MICROPINTM/MICROSOCKETTM contacts on .050 (1.27) centers in a contact density identical to the standard MICRO-D connector series.

Features & Benefits

  • Aluminum shells to provide greater strength, prevent chipping, cracking or breaking, offer electromagnetic (EMI) and RFI shielding.
  • Silicone elastomer compression interfacial seal to provide a moisture and humidity seal between each contact and between contacts and shell.