India’s leading Publication house greenfield project where there were various applications with respect to handling paper rolls, stacking and warehousing. Jost’s material handling equipments like 10 Forklift, 6 Stackers , 3 Battery Operate Pallet Truck, 26 Hydraulic Pallet Trolley were used.

Paper clamp attachments provided to forklift for lifting & handling paper rolls and other material handling equipments were given for stacking and warehousing. More throughputs, less maintenance, better working cycles was the effect of the it.

They had a specific requirement of Paper clamp attachment to Forklift for lifting paper rolls which was provided by Jost’s. Paper rolls stacking, handling operation to printing machine were also some more specific requirements which were fulfilled by Jost’s.

The additional Service that we offered were of operator training. If operators were efficient, the output of product performance would increase. For this we provided specific modules for operation i.e. – classroom training & practical knowledge provide for trucks.