The Jost’s JPW 20 is a hand pallet truck with an inbuilt weighing scale. The JPW 20 offers an advantage of using a hand pallet truck with a precise scale for controlling functioning with load carrying.

The JPW 20 easy to handle and allows users to measure the physical weight of the containers and pallets during transit and thereby helps in saving efforts as well as precious time. With a calibrated load capacity of 2000 kg, this hand pallet truck with an inbuilt scale offers comfort of transporting as well as weighing loads.

Features and Specs
  • Available in capacity of 2000 kg.
  • Mobile pallet truck with scale combined two major functions for pallet truck/scale, allows you to weigh.
  • Material what you want, where you want and when you want.
  • Power supply with rechargeable battery or with 88~264V AC input.
  • Keypad and automatic tare functions.
  • Super-large and bright LED display in solid state to be strike-free.
  • Power supply with Rechargeable battery, weight checking & counting functions available.
  • Various functions: with extended functions as weight-checking, counting, satisfy different needs of customers.