The Jost’s JPR Plus 2500 Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck / Trolley, lifts and transports 2500 kg pallet loads effortlessly. The hand pallet truck is invaluable owing to its utility inside factories, warehouses, docks, railway workshops and wherever pallets are to be transported in the most efficient and reliable way. The hand pallet truck JPR Plus 2500 is an ideal “Storage aid” for all manual transport tasks over short distances.

The JPR Plus 2500 hand pallet truck is suitable for a broad range of material handling applications, including horizontal transport, order picking, loading / unloading and stacking. The JPR Plus 2500 series hand pallet truck is designed to pass the toughest duty cycle and is the smart choice for pallet transport.

Features and Specs


  • Capacities up to 2500 kg.
  • Integrated pump without leaking.
  • Controllable fork lowering speed.
  • Overload valve to avoid overloading.
  • With welded joints and reinforced for tips for most durability in toughest applications.
  • Exceptionally strong but light weight steel construction.
  • Excellent turning angle.