The BIW High Voltage Cable Assembly is a four-conductor high voltage cable assembly designed for heavy-duty applications in systems that require operation at up to 10 KVDC. The connector is also ideal for systems that have high operating temperatures. The silicone inserts and silicone cables allow these connectors to function at operating temperatures up to 300°F.


Features and Specs

With its compact #18 Shell Size and extra flexible conductors, these connectors have found usage in high tech office equipment, UV curing devices, high voltage power supplies and test systems. Cable assemblies are supplied fully assembled and ready for installation. Conductor length is customer specified, and wire end terminations can be designed for customer requirements.
Connectors are available as a Square Flanged Receptacle and as a Plug Connector.

Features & Benefits

  • Die Cast Aluminum Connector Shells for Long Life
  • High Dielectric Strength and High Temperature Operation
  • Corona Free Operation up to 10KVDC
  • Compact Size and high-flexibility conductors