I-Speed High speed camera

The i-SPEED is the ultimate entry point into cutting-edge high-speed capture. Packed with all of the industry-leading features of the i-SPEED Series camera, such as internal battery power, external xSSD recording, and remote touch-screen accessibility – and driven by the same massive HD resolution to 3.1 Megapixel sensors, the i-SPEED camera takes you into a whole new league of resolution and speed without sacrificing functionality.

All i-SPEED 2, 5 and 7 Series cameras benefit from the industry leading i-SPEED Software Suite 2.0 PC software for control, motion analysis, video editing and playback, which works seamlessly to provide a complete high-speed capture experience.

Range of Ix High Speed cameras

Range of Ix High Speed cameras
ix cameras

Cordin Rotating mirror and image convertor Streak cameras

Jost’s has collaboration with Cordin cameras. Cordin produces either frame records or streak records, depending on the model. Streak cameras record a thin, wide line of light signals at the fastest possible speeds. They capture subtle variations in intensity from a line image, a spread spectrum, or linear array of discrete signals with resolution down into the picoseconds. This photographic instrument is unmatched in speed and resolution, with an ability to capture up to 4 million frames per second at resolutions from 2 megapixels up to 8 megapixels.

Cordin Model 131 HD

Cordin Model 131 HD


A frame record can be compared to a standard motion picture film or video, where successive two-dimensional images are captured by the recording medium in discrete frames. A frame record is produced as the camera captures images at intermittent intervals. The advantage of a frame record is that information in two dimensions is recorded, so the image on the recording medium is an easily recognized version of the subject.

Cordin Model 560

Cordin Model 560


A streak record is made as a single narrow line image is swept along the recording medium. This line image is produced by a slit assembly which consists of two transverse, closely spaced knife-edge plates located at the first image plane of the camera. Streak cameras continuously record changes in one dimension of space over time. A streak record is therefore read as a position vs. time graph.

The faster image converter type streak cameras are useful for time-resolved spectroscopy, where a point source of light is separated by a prism into wavelengths across the slit. The streak record then becomes a graph of wavelength intensity over time.

A valuable characteristic of a streak record is that the subject is being recorded continuously (not intermittently) throughout the event. To record efficiently, appropriate high inteinsity lighting system is also provided.

High intensity Xenon light source Cordin Model 605

Xenon light source

Ix High Speed and Cordin Cameras are used in a broad variety of short time domain studies

  • Aerodynamics- Supersonic and hypersonic flows, Gas dynamics, Turbulence, Shock waves, Computer Imaging, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV).
  • Digital Image Correlation(DIC), Shock compression and fracture, Crack propagation, Dynamic loading, Mechanics, Vibration analysis, Hopkinson-Bar studies.
  • High Energy Physics , Plasma physics, Propellant and propulsion studies, Laser physics.
  • Hydrodynamics Hydro shock dynamics, Fluid Cavitation, Aerosol and fuel injector studies Droplet formation.
  • Multi-phase flow dynamics, Micro bubble studies.
  • Life Sciences Bio-fluorescence Materials Science Research.
  • Military and Defence Research, Explosive and detonation studies, Synchro-ballistic imaging, Ballistic and projectile studies, Impact dynamics, Shape charge studies, Explosion front characterization.
  • Nano-scale material behaviour studies, Micro bubble studies.
  • Nanotechnology, Micromechanical machine dynamic analysis, Time resolved spectroscopy.