Heavy duty Jorack Racking System for pallet racking are conventional & adjustable Pallet Racking System. These are the most widely used industrial storage system for all palletized and non-palletized loads. It is an ideal storage solution for large variety of medium to big sized items that can be handled manually.

Heavy duty Jorack Racking system is widely specified in virtually every industry and can easily adapt to the vast range of products to be stored.

Features and Specs :
  • Load capacity from 500 – 2000 kg per pallet.
  • Highly versatile as because all beams are height adjustable and the storage system is easy to install.
  • Both single and double-sided runs of racking are separated by aisles, which can be sized as per customers’ existing material handling equipment’s.
  • Gives direct access to all individual pallets optimizing space and efficiency & provide real long-term value for money.
  • Separate panel shelves can be used to accommodate non palletized loads.
  • 100% accessibility to individual pallets.
  • High degree of system adjustability to suit any pallet type.
  • Optimises available space for maximum storage capacity.
  • Suitable for use with the conventional Forklift trucks Stackers.
  • Heavy Duty Racking System / Racks is easy to install or reposition.
  • Easy to install or reposition.