How does pallet trolleys improve material movement efficiency?

On an average a normal healthy human being cannot handle loads of unit weight more than 30 Kgs continuously. The Hand Pallet trucks can handle palletised load up to 2500 Kg in a single haul and a single operator can lift and move this weight effortlessly over short distances.

Does pallet trolleys really reduce operator fatigue?

Hand Pallet trucks offered by Josts are very easy to use. It has standard fast lift which ensures ground clear lifting with minimum human effort and which is unmatched with the trolleys available from other suppliers.

What is the average life span of pallet trolleys?

The life of Hand Pallet truck as in case of any other warehouse equipment depends on the usage and the type of load and surface. If the Hand Pallet truck are not overloaded beyond the rated capacity and not pushed around on very rough surfaces and also by using genuine OEM Josts spare parts, the Jost’s Hand Pallet trucks are known to give good service for very long extended period of more than 5 years.

Whether Hand Pallet trucks can be used for non-palletised loads?

Jost’s Hand Pallet trucks can also be used for carrying small non palletised loads with suitable improvisation to hold the load on the forks. But palletisation really enhances the material handling efficiency and throughput.

Whether Jost’s Hand Pallet trucks can be used in clean environments of Pharma and Food industry?

Josts Hand Pallet trucks can be used anywhere and every where without any problem. However Josts can also supply special type of SS (Stainless Steel) Pallet trucks for specific applications. For details contact