Noise pollution is considered to be one of the fastest growing environmental problems and is a major public concern. With the current predictions of traffic increase, the environmental impact is playing a more significant role than ever before.

An integrated approach to environmental noise management has the potential to make this task more effective through the sharing and reuse of data, optimisation of noise management activities and prevention of new problems arising. An integrated environmental noise management system, comprising the latest technology, can cover complaints, mapping, monitoring, calculations and abatement, and provide reports, public information and safe, intuitive archival of data, results, reports and analyses.

Being modular and scalable, individual components such as calculation software or individual noise monitoring terminals can be purchased and used individually. Data can be exchanged, where deemed useful, as needs arise the system can be expanded, within budget limits, to an increasing number of tasks and with improved efficiency.

We can provide a state of the art Airport and Environmental Noise Management System, which fulfils all known worldwide standards and legislations such as the new EU noise directive and ISO/FDIS 20906 “Unattended monitoring of aircraft sound in the vicinity of airports”.


We provide solutions for Environmental Noise Management in

    • City Noise Mapping
    • Integrated Noise Management
    • Airport Noise Mapping

We also offer

    • Environmental Noise Mapping & Prediction with Predictor – Lima Range.
    • Interior Acoustical design of studios, classrooms, seminar hall, shopping malls, factory workshops, hospitals, airports, railway station etc.
    • “Noise at Work” is an unique software that uses measured noise levels and / or noise sources for creating noise maps with isophone lines and for prediction of the noise dose of employees. It is user friendly, powerful and efficient.

“NoiseAtWork is software for mapping and analysis of noise levels at places where people work. Based on measured noise levels and working times of employees, noise contours, Lex,8h values and Noise Doses are calculated by the software. The software is used by health and safety representatives for the management of occupational noise risks”.
The aim of this program is to easily and quickly analyse and display noise exposure in the workplace. Noise At Work will aid you in going from the floor plan and measurement data to generating smooth contours and calculating and displaying the Noise Dose values for employees at various working locations.

With the indoor noise calculation option it is also possible to calculate noise levels in the workplaces based on actual or future noise sources. This gives the user a much wider range of possibilities. Examples are:

  • Prediction of noise levels and noise doses for actual and future situations
  • Prediction of the effect of absorption measures like acoustic ceilings
  • Prediction of the effect of relocating of sources