Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System By Josts

Electrodynamic Shakers to reproduce ambient vibration conditions (Sine/Random or Shock) for studies of endurance and reliability in all fields of vibration testing in a laboratory.

Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System by Josts Limited

Features and Specs

The Range of Electrodynamic Shakers as follows:

Types of Shakers Model Range
Air Cooled Low Force Shakers
Low Force Range
Permanent Magnet Shakers
8.9 to 489 N peak system sine force
Air Cooled Medium Force Shakers
Low-Medium Force Range
Medium Force Range
V550 – V780 Electrodynamic Shakers
V800 – V8 Electrodynamic Shakers
Water Cooled High Force Shakers
Com bos & Custom systemsSlip Table &
Vibration Controller
V900 – V9 Electrodynamic Shakers
LDS Combos and Seismic Base Sliptable systems
LASERUSB™ and COMETUSB™ Controller

With peak force ratings from 89 kN to 289 kN the water-cooled electrodynamic shakers provide comprehensive, long-duration testing capabilities for use in the automotive, aerospace, defence, electronic and electrical machinery production sectors. These systems have been used in single and multi-shaker configurations, and are suited to test products such as satellites and missiles.

Uses of Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System

  • High force, long duration automotive testing
  • Avionics and military hardware testing
  • Low-frequency and shock pulse testing
  • Product and package testing


  • Designed to test heavy loads at high levels over long continuous periods reducing test time and expense
  • Full displacement at full force
  • Compatible with AGREE/CERT standard thermal chambers.
  • For demanding shock tests. e.g. 100gn 11ms
  • Two-coil design reduces rotational turning moments and ensures superior performance
  • Vibration control at low-frequencies
LDSV9 Electrodynamic Shaker

With peak force ratings from 8.9 kN to 60 kN the air-cooled electrodynamic shakers are industry standard for automotive, military and electronic testing. They provide the versatility and capability demanded by research and development, product qualification and stress screening.


  • Automotive parts and systems – qualification testing
  • Electronic assembly, computer equipment testing
  • Avionics and military hardware testing
  • Satellite component testing
  • Product and package testing
  • General stress screening


  • Interchangeable armatures extend diameter from 185mm to 335mm for vibration testing large or multiple payloads
  • Internal load support is standard
  • LDS active suspension system
  • Airbag and rubber isolation mountings available for the vibration table
  • LDS Lin-E-Air body isolation and guidance system available for the vibration table
  • Useful vibration control frequency range from d.c. to 3500Hz.
  • Maximum sine vibration force ratings: – 9.8 kN (2200 lbf)

With peak force ratings from 667 N to 5,115 N these air-cooled electrodynamic shakers are suitable for vibration testing of small to medium sized payloads, such as small automotive components and electronic assemblies. Utilising LDS’s unique suspension system with rolling-strut and flexure to ensure excellent cross axis restraint, these proven vibration tables provide cost-effective product qualification and instrument calibration.


  • Automotive component testing
  • Aerospace component testing
  • Electronic assembly testing
  • Structural testing
  • Modal investigation
  • Vibration stress testing under varied environmental conditions
  • In-house test and calibration facilities


  • Lightweight, high performance armature design delivers excellent acceleration and velocity performance
  • Optional software allows system tests to be controlled remotely using a PC
  • Ease-of-use and power saving features on LDS amplifiers reduce operating costs
  • Proven reliability maximises system availability, combined with global servicing and support
  • Vertical or horizontal operation