DPA series connector is a rugged, miniature rack and panel connector utilizing maximum insert space in a  one-piece shell. DPAMA plugs are DPA plugs with the proven Little Caesar contact assembly for rear insertion, release and extraction of crimp type contacts. Insertion requires no tool; extraction requires an expendable plastic tool. Hard dielectric, closed-entry socket insert has lead-in champers for positive mating of pin contacts.

Features and Specs

Contacts are of simpler, stronger design for greater resistance to bending or damage.

Features & Benefits

  • DPAMA connectors feature Little Caesar rear release contact retention assembly.
  • DPAF plugs are DPA plugs with four rivets with washers on the contact termination side of the connector. Floating rivets are 2,36 (.093) I.D. with 0,81 (.032) min. float.
  • DPAL plugs are DPA plugs with a large flange.