What are dock levellers?

Dock Levelers are devices that bridge the gap between fixed dock height and the variable truck bed height to provide safe and efficient movement of equipment and materials between trucks / containers and loading / unloading docks.

How is Josts Dock levellers different from others?

Josts has three models of Dock Levelers HDL 05, HDL 10 and HDL 15 which can handle 5 MT, 10 MT and 15 MT dynamic load respectively. The specially designed ramp structures can withstand heavy dynamic loading, specially designed hydraulic power pack ensure leak proof and stable positioning of ramp and automatic 3 button operation (UP, LOAD & PARK) provide for easy and safe operations. For more details contact infomhe@josts.in

Is use of dock levellers safe?

Jost’s Dock Levelers come with a number of safety features. It ensures that there are firm and rigid positive bridge between the dock and the container and the dynamic load doesn’t get directly transmitted to cylinders and other supporting members. Care has been taken to prevent warping in use and also safety features in the hydraulic and control system ensures that the operations are made safe and simple. For further details contact infomhe@josts.in