The D*NG Pressfit termination, is based upon the specification CECC 75 301 802. These connectors provide a low-cost alternative to traditional through hole solder contacts. Utilizing stamped “Eye of the Needle” compliant contact tails per IEC-352-5, the parts are quickly and easily mounted onto PCBs without soldering, crimping or specialized tooling. The socket contact engaging area utilizes a “spoon” shape with four points of interconnection.

Features and Specs


  • Communication Systems.
  • Information Systems.
  • Medical.
  • Test Equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy press-in installation without specialized tooling.
  • “Spoon” socket contact provides improved interface compared to “Tuning Fork”.
  • Closed-entry socket for secure blind mating.
  • Front-shell only design based on CECC 75 301 802.
  • “Eye of the Needle” compliant contact tails.
  • Press-in bolt for ground continuity.
  • #4-40 UNC and M3 hardware options.