The Cannon DL Series of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors fill the need in the medical, commercial / industrial, computer, and peripheral equipment market places for low-cost, high performance, multiple-wire power and signal connectors. DL connectors feature: a minimum rated life of 10,000 complete mating and unmating cycles with no performance loss; can be mated and unmated in less than two seconds even with as many as 624 contacts; and they cost less (often as much as 25% less) per mated line than singular high-density rack-and-panel connectors.


Features and Specs

  • High pin count: 60, 96, 156, 260, 360, contact positions
  • ZIF Over 10K mating cycles.
  • Metal housing (EMI/RFI Shielding).
  • Variety of contacts in Crimp, Square PCB Post, Square Wrap Post, Buss and PC/RC (Round PCB tail).