Filter connector series D*JK and D*JT are designed for commercial applications and provide excellent protection against EMI/RFI. Using D Subminiature standard components, a cost-effective production can be achieved as well as 100% compatibility with equivalent products according to CECC 75 301 802 (DIN 41652).

Features and Specs

High quality tubular ceramic capacitors are assembled onto the D*JK contacts and soldered to contact and backshell while series D*JT connectors apply planar array filters.


  • Computer Equipment
  • EMI/RFI Sensitive Electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Telecommunication Transmission
  • Test & Measurement Equipment

Features & Benefits

  • HF-tightness and mechanical stability by closed backshell.
  • Free-stamped grounding fingers (pin connector only).
  • D*JK with signal contacts with solder cups, straight and 90o PC tails.
  • D*JT with high power contacts with solder cups, straight and 90° PC tails.
  • Versatile mounting possibilities (brackets, captive nuts).
  • Contact finish according to performance class 2 (standard) or class 1.