Josts can offer the following Special Application Products category to take care of certain specific application of  the customers.

Battery Operated Double Pallet Truck / Stacker: Josts EJD/ERD version of electric pallet truck cum stacker can simultaneously handle two pallets of load up to 1000 kg each. Both pedestrian and stand-on versions are available. These equipments can almost double the efficiency of the warehousing operations. The bottom fork can lift the load to 125 mm off the ground and the top fork can be used lifting upto2490mm.

Jumbolectric with Rear Forks: Josts can offer battery operated truck with rear forks which can lift and carry palletized loads upto1000 Kg. It can handle both reversible and non-reversible type of pallet unlike normally available electric pallet trucks. It can be used both in factory premises as well as large warehouses and is quite easily maneuverable in narrow aisle of 2500 mm.

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Battery Operated Dumper truck: Josts offers specially engineered battery operated platform truck with hydraulically operated Dumper. These Dumper truck can be used  for collecting wastes, scraps, machined chips etc from the shop floor or machine centers which then can be ferried to dumping area where the driver can directly dump the material to the waste bin. These saves man power and time in clearing the wastes from the factory floor. The dumper attachment can be provided in both three wheel Jumbolectric and four wheel Jotruk versions. The typical equipment comes with a carrying capacity of 23 – 40 cu. ft. and 1700 kg maximum load . These trucks can travel through and turn in narrow aisles of 2500 mm.

Battery Operated Coolant Trucks: Josts manufactured Coolant trucks are ideal for quick emptying and refilling of coolant at machine centers in factory premises. It comprises of a coolant tank of capacity 1400 litres mounted either on a pedestrian operated Jowalk or three wheel Jumbolectric truck or four wheel electric Jotruk. The tank consists of two compartments of 700 litres each, one for receiving the used dirty coolant oil from the machine and the other for fresh coolant oil. The equipment comes with necessary controls with pump motor unit, suction and delivery valves for smooth and quick operations.

Battery Operated Crate Carrier: Josts can offer modified battery operated trucks for carrying crates or bins with bottled beverages, tea-cans etc in large factory premises. Both three wheel Jumbolectric and four wheel Jotruk vehicle can carry up to 2000 kg and can be driven and turned in narrow aisle width of 2500 mm.

Jumbolectric Scissor Truck: Josts can supply modified three wheel Jumbolectric trucks fitted with electro hydraulic scissor lifts. Typically these can be used to lift loads up to 1000 kg to1600 mm height. The truck is provided with low level chassis for having closed height of scissor-lift platform as low as possible. The platform comes with a safety railing and a drive interlock switch ensures that the vehicle is prevented from moving when the scissor lift is under operation. It can be easily driven around in the factory premises.

Battery Operated Batching Tow Truck: Josts offers specially designed batching tow truck for textile application. The batching tow truck can be used for lifting and towing ‘A’ frame trolleys weighing up to 5000 kg. Josts can offer customised trucks to cater to specific needs of varied trolley heights and lengths. Josts batching tow truck comes with three basic models Jumbo-50, EDR-30 and EDA-30 as Sit-on, Stand-on and Pedestrian versions respectively.

Power Reach Stacker: Josts ERS-13 Power Reach Stacker with Mast reach and Tilt operation can be used as a better alternative to application requiring the use of  Counter Balance Stackers. It can be operated in much lesser aisle width than as compared to that required for the Counter Balance Stackers. The ERS-13 model comes with foldable platform to be operated in either pedestrian and ride-on mode. The stacker comes with a basic capacity of 1300 kg up to the lift height of 2500 mm and can lift up to 4500 mm with a residual capacity of 800 kg maximum. The mast has reach of 550 mm and the equipment can be moved and turned in minimum aisle width of 2500 mm.

Battery Operated Reel Handling Truck: Josts offers special Stackers and Battery Operated Pallet Trucks with modified forks for handling reels and other cylindrically shaped loads such as paper and fabric rolls. Josts can offer customised solution to cater to customers specific application. The Reel handling Pallet Trucks and Stackers can handle diameters up to 1250 mm with the help of Boom attachment or modified forks with wide spread.