Cantilever Jorack Racking System provides ideal solution for the storage of long products and are widely used for storing Rods,Pipes, Channel and other rolled items.


Features and Specs :

Capacity from 500 – 4000 kg per level and height up to 6 meters

  • With no front column in the way, Cantilever Jorack are faster to load/unload and it lowers the handling time and costs.
  • Loads can be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row on the Cantilever Jorack.
  • The lack of front column saves horizontal space that is normally lost due to rack structure. Clearance handling has also became more abundant.
  • Long and bulky goods are clearly and correctly stored. You can quickly access to all inside items.
  • Reduction in handling times and increase in space utilization make cantilever Jorack more cost efficient.
  • The storage system is highly flexible, easy to expand and ideal for storing a wide range of bulky items.
  • Customised to suit your existing warehouse space, making the best possible use of the warehouse’s floor space and volume.