BKA D-E-F connectors feature rear release/rear removable, low insertion force contacts. They are interchangeable with the contacts used in the DPX series and permit retrofit of existing equipment. BKAF connectors are totally intermateable and intermountable with ARINC Series 600.

Features and Specs

Standard connectors now in the field. They use front release/front removable, low insertion force contacts. The BKAF permits the user to easily replace a contact in case of problems, rather than diassemble the entire connector. The system maintains the advantages of low insertion force technology incorporated in all ARINC Series 600 Standard connectors.

Features & Benefits

  • Available with low insertion force contacts:
    – Rear release/rear removable.
    – Front release/front removable.
  • Both environmental and non-environmental versions.
  • Polarizing posts that are removable from the mating face.
  • Field replaceable inserts for size 22 and power contacts.
  • Uses standard DPX, crimp, insertion/extraction tooling.
  • Waveguide connections available