When do one go for battery operated pallet trucks?

Normally productivity and volume dictate the necessity of Battery operated Pallet Trucks (BOPTs). As a thumb rule Josts Battery operated Pallet trucks (EJE, ERE, EJD, ERD) can easily replace 7 – 10 Hand Pallet trucks. Besides facilitating lower number of workmen required, it also reduces cluttering, increases efficiency and through put. Where distances to be covered are large, BOPT is a necessity and distances involved are not very high, BOPT’s can be used for reducing clutter and increase efficiency.

Can BOPTs be used in assembly lines?

Josts Battery operated Pallet trucks are quite fast, safe and have good gradient performance. With suitable bin arrangement for carrying the assembly parts, Josts EJE and ERE can be used without any problem to enhance the productivity of the assembly lines. For details contact infomhe@josts.in

How safe are Josts Battery operated pedestrian trucks?

High overload capacity motors, Automatic Brake with automatic power cut off when steering handle in almost vertical or horizontal, automatic reduced travel speed during pedestrian operation and belly button arrangement for emergency shut off are some of the safety features in Josts Pedestrian operated Pallet trucks. For more details please contact infomhe@josts.in

How reliable are Jost’s BOPT’S ?

Josts BOPT’s are carefully manufactured with components procured from quality sources and can normally with stand the harsh working condition of plant environment. Josts uses its own bull gear transmission system which is ideal for Indian conditions.Unlike most of the imported BOPT’s, Josts design incorporates very rugged chassis which enables trouble free usage for a very long period of at least 7 years as compared tp popularly imported models. For more details please contact infomhe@josts.in