How long does Josts electric truck can be operated on a fully charged battery?

Mean time between charging (MTBC) depends on the type and battery capacity, load, surface condition, frequency of operation etc. As such a fully charged Josts electric trucks can be used during a shift comfortably

When should one charge the battery in Josts MHE?

Normally battery charging should be done to full capacity when it is discharged upto 80% charged level of the capacity. With proper maintenance of the battery as prescribed by the battery supplier, the battery life can be prolonged.

When should one replace the battery?

Life of a battery depends on usage and maintenance and normally the battery life is measured in number of charging cycles. Typiacally, batteries provided by Josts has a life of about 1000 charging cycles under ideal conditions. Accordingly, the mean time between replacement of batteries will depend on the proper usage and maintenance of the batteries.