What solution can Josts offer for distribution centers?

Josts can work out suitable lay outs and racking solutions Josts can also provide the optimum material handling solutions in terms of equipment to be used inside the warehouse.

What solution can Josts offer at loading and unloading point?

Josts can provide Dock Lift and Dock Levellers for faster loading and unloading at dock bay. Josts can also offer both electric and diesel forklifts for loading and unloading pallets from trucks containers etc

Can Josts equipment be used for container stuffing?

Forklifts and Stackers used for stuffing and d-stuffing containers should have a higher free lift so that the mast does not hit the roof of the container when the fork is raised. The customer should specify the same in the beginning itself so that suitable model with suitable free lift requirement can be identified

Can Josts cater to cold chain logistics?

Josts and Hyundai can offer special type Stackers, Reach trucks and Forklifts that can or in -20deg.C. They ensure flexible handling of the most diverse loads at most diverse heights with economic and space saving qualities in one truck. For more details contact infomhe@josts.in

What is the ideal solution for handling a large number of assorted packages?

Hyundai order pickers offered by Josts, enables quick, safe and efficient order picking Josts can offer horizontal order picker for order picking from first rack level and vertical order pickers for picking orders from various levels.