PULSE is Brüel & Kjær’s platform for noise and vibration analysis, which builds on over 70 years of measurement experience and innovation. Developed as an advanced solution for sound and vibration measurement, PULSE is the analyzers platform of the future. With its vast range of software applications and hardware configurations, PULSE is probably the most popular analyzers solution in the world, with over 11,000 systems sold.

Features and Specification

  • General Sound & Vibration measurement & analysis in air or in water/liquids
  • Structural Dynamics using Experimental Modal Analysis
  • Structural Health Monitoring using Operational Modal Analysis
  • Sound Power Determination for white goods
  • Noise Source Ranking/Identification
  • Acoustic Holography
  • Sound Quality design
  • Acoustic Material Testing
  • Exterior/Indoor Pass-by Noise measurement
  • Envelope Analysis for Bearing analysis
  • Cepstrum Analysis for Gearbox/Transmission analysis
  • In-situ balancing of rotating machines
  • Machine Diagnostics
  • Vibration Check of Aircraft Engines
  • On-line Production Test System
  • Telephone/Mobile/transducer capsule Electro-acoustic Testing
  • Primary/Secondary calibration System for Acoustic & Vibration transducers

for automobiles, and its sub suppliers, aerospace and defence, white goods, Engineering,  Test Labs of course the various engineering and fundamental science disciplines in the universities.