Josts is now distributing Skyjack range of Aerial Platform in India. Quality and reliability are the hallmarks that have given Skyjack a solid reputation as the manufacturer of the best scissor lifts in the world.

Skyjack produces a full line of Aerial Work Platforms like Self Propelled Vertical Mast Lifts, DC Aerial Platform (Self Propelled) and Self Propelled Rough Terrain Aerial Platform with elevated work heights ranging from 5.6 mtrs to 17 mtrs, and capacities up to 900 kg.

Skyjack’s Aerial platform range features a compact footprint, service low maintenance design and superior maneuverability concept. When operating these aerial platforms in tight workplaces, a high degree steer angle allows superior functionality and flexibility by a zero inside turning radius. Skjack aerial platforms combine solid and powerful design elements to meet the demands of any job site environment with easy accessibility to all major components so that maintenance and serviceability have reduced turn around time.

Vertical Mast Lifts (Self Propelled)

  • A motor controller increases proportionality and improves battery life by adjusting the speed of the motor and output from the hydraulic gear pump.
  • Gives a zero inside turning radius due to Front wheel hydraulic drive with 90-degree steering.
  • Can operate with confidence in the smallest of spaces and near sensitive & valuable equipment.
  • Ensures reliable operation due to spring “coil” type control and power cable.
  • Minimize trip over hazards due to pothole protection.
  • Allows easy step in entry and exit from platform due to Low stowed platform height.
  • Easy transportation due to tie down lift lugs.
  • Up to 30% gradeability.
  • The cylinder can be removed without disassembling the mast.

DC Electric Scissor Lifts (Self Propelled)

  • Easy access on both sides for motor, pump, hydraulics, electrical panels & batteries due to Steel swing out trays.
  • Can be driven fully elevated in both indoor and outdoor applications on firm level ground.
  • Prevents overloading and prolongs battery life due to Automatic “smart” battery chargers with multi-voltage and dual frequency capacity.
  • International input power standardization for all applications.
  • Prevents unauthorized use of unit when locked due to Lockable master battery disconnect switch.
  • Operator gets the alerts that the unit is off level through the tilt alarm with drive and lift cut out.
  • All motion audible alarm alerts bystanders of machine movement.
  • Emergency manual lowering system.
  • Minimize tip over hazards due to self-deploying pothole protection.
DC Electric Scissor Lifts (Self Propelled)

Electric Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts (Self-Propelled)

  • Maintenance costs and time are reduced due to the elimination of air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, oil changes, belts, coolants, etc.
  • The machine can operate on almost all job sites due to its size with 45 percent gradeability and crossover symmetrical four-wheel drive as standard.
  • Transition from outdoor to indoor jobs became easier due to foam-filled non-marking tires as standard, near zero noise levels and zero emissions.
  • Unmatched maneuverability on site due to tightest turning radius and most compact dimensions in its class.
  • Versatility due to range-extending genset option.
Electric Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts (Self-Propelled)

The complete after sales support in India of Skyjack aerial platform is provided by Jost’s Sales and Service offices.
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