What are the advantages of Diesel forklifts
Ideal for outside applications and able to function at full capacity in wet or damp weather, the diesel-powered forklift is traditionally less expensive than the electric-powered forklift.
Easily accessible 24 hours a day, there’s no downtime with this option since the user simply needs to refill the tank with diesel fuel when it gets low (vs. having to wait to recharge its battery).
No extra space must be reserved for a special battery charging station for a diesel forklift; it can be parked wherever it is convenient.
The overall performance of a diesel-powered forklift – including its acceleration capabilities and lift speeds – is superior to its counterpart. Further, the capacity of this forklift’s battery can easily handle the addition and use of any necessary hydraulic attachments; conversely, the more components that access power from the electric forklift’s battery, the quicker that battery and the overall power of the electric forklift is drained.