Air Borne Noise (ABN) & Structure Borne Noise (SBN) Measurement Services

Jost’s, through the technically competent team of domain knowledge experts, helps to cater the measurement and reduction need of ABN & SBN of shipbuilders and suppliers of the shipyard companies.

Manufacturers who trust us: Gearbox, Engines, Generators, Oil separators, RO Plants, Valves,
Air conditioning and Refrigeration systems, pumps, air compressors and many more

Structure Borne Noise (SBN) measurements:

  • Structure Borne Noise (SBN) measurements in accordance with:

Air Borne Noise (ABN) measurements:

  • Air Borne Noise (ABN) measurements in accordance with:
    ISO 1474-D, ISO 1474-E

“Bruel & Kjaer, Denmark make transducers and high end data acquisition systems are used for measurements of ABN and SBN to ensure high accuracy of measured data.”

Contact on toll free no. 1800 547 4653.