Lan Xi and BK connect the building blocks for all applications

  • From single module to 1000 channel systems
  • Acquisition, analysis & integrated reporting
  • Unique features like Dyn-X and Req-X
  • Special technologies – TEDS, PTP and POE
  • Modular design
  • Detachable front panels

Noise Source Identification

Noise Source Identification (NSI) is an important method for optimizing the noise emission from a wide range of products from vehicles, white goods, power tools and heavy machinery to
components like engines, tyres, gear-boxes, exhausts, etc.

From simple hand held sound intensity kit to 100 channels holography system and real time video with acoustic camera, we have it all…

Sound Power


Electro Acoustics


Exterior and Interior Passby


Calibration Systems


Material Testing