What solutions can Josts provide for non-palletised loads?

Josts manufactures and supplies JOWALK,JUMBOELECTRIC , JOTRUCK and TUGGER for handling non-palletised loads

What is the maximum non palletised load that be handled by Josts equipment?

Jost’s 3-wheel Jumbolectric Platform truck can be used to haul load up to 3 MT. However, the Tow Truck version of Jumbolectric can be used for towing up to 5 MT and Tusker 4-wheel version can be used for towing 10 MT. The 4-wheel Jotruk Platform truck can carry load up to 2MT and 4MT.

Where can Josts Platform trucks be used?

Jost’s Platform trucks can be used in factories, stores, dockyards, airports, railway workshops, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, auto & auto ancillary plants and a host of other manufacturing units.

For what purposes Josts Platform trucks can be used?

Jost’s Platform trucks can be used of carrying personnel, equipment and materials. Jost’s Platform trucks can also be supplied for many specialised applications with suitable modification / attachments.

What are the special applications of Josts Platform trucks?

Dumpers, Coolant trucks, Passenger carriers, Baggage trolley tractors, Batch trucks for textile batching trolleys, Tea can carriers lift trucks are some of the specialised applications developed by Josts. For more details contact infomhe@josts.in

How and where can Josts platform trucks be used as dumpers?

Josts can supply both 3-wheel and 4-wheel Platform trucks with a separate special dumper attachment. This can be used to carry the material / waste from inside the plant such as machine turnings, pieces of metal scraps etc and ferried to the dumping yard.

Is it safe to use platform trucks as passenger carriers?

Many of Josts customers are using the Jotruk version of the 4-wheel platform trucks for ferrying passengers within the campuses for many years. Josts can also undertake modification of the standard 4-wheel Jotruk for carrying the passengers.

Can Josts Platform trucks be used with trolleys?

Josts Jumbolectric Tow trucks can be used for pulling a train of trolleys. These are ideal for use in airports, assembly plants, theme parks etc. Please contactinfomhe@josts.in for specific applications.

Can Josts supply baggage trolleys for airport application?

Josts can supply robust and highly maneuverable baggage trolleys with front wheels mounted on a central turntable and the whole unit turns with towing arm. This is very economical and energy saving solution for airports.