The Oven Tracker Radio Telemetry system utilises the latest radio frequency technology to allow transmission of temperature data from the logger in real time. As the RadioPaq travels through the oven, process data can be viewed, analysed and reported instantaneously. By running the Oven Tracker Insight analysis software on your PC, you can see product temperature information as it happens.

Features and Specs

  • Automatic backup of data in logger, in addition to transmitted data received by PC.
  • Automatic transmission of temperature data three times minimizing interference effects and so prevent loss of data in the most hostile of environments.
  • User selectable transmission frequencies providing optimum radio signal quality.
  • Receiver signal strength meter and on board diagnostic software make system tuning quick and efficient.
  • Full graph, analysis and reporting options for traceability purposes (ISO9000/QS9000).
  • RF transmitter technology provided with full approval to the EN300 220-1 International Radio Communications Standard.
  • High-grade stainless steel barrier provides complete protection even when process problems occur, or multiple profile runs are required.
  • Optional UGEF antenna package guarantees signal reception along entire length of oven.
  • Custom designed Oven Tracker Insight analysis software – powerful, yet easy to use.